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Please Read Keith RN’a “Think Like a Nurse” textbook, Part III: Chapter 10 “Essentials of Clinical Practice”. pp 165-193. Answer the following questions (You may list them as separate numbers or separate as different paragraphs). Please make sure to include an APA title page, page numbers, and reference page to this paper (see sample paper on pp 41-49 of APA book). Please also use APA headings (p. 62). Correct APA writing style is worth 1 point of grade (33%) *you may use 1st person for this assignment

1. What clinical pearls or advice did you find most helpful in this chapter?

2. What were 3 new things you learned from this chapter?

3. What did you find most surprising in this chapter?

4. If you were to change one part of your practice as a nursing student (or future nurse) based on your readings from this textbook, what would it be?