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Name of news outlet

Select a news source you will commit to following for the next 16 weeks. Ultimately, my hope is you will continue following this source after this class is done. The source must cover national/world news. It can also include local news coverage. You can decide your preference for following this source … online, print, audio or broadcast (we all have personal preferences and individual ways of learning.)

News source must produce/deliver news daily, as you are required to follow the news everyday in order to stay updated on the latest happening throughout the world around us. We will have current event questions included on quizzes and check-ins/pop quizzes during randomly selected classes. You will lose participation points if you’re not prepared to offer/discuss a recent article from your selected news source. Be prepared every day!

Once you’ve selected your news source, submit the following here on BB:

  • Name of news outlet
  • Type of media (online, print, etc.)
  • How did you learn about this news outlet?
  • Why you chose this news source (what do you like about it, why does it fit your interests/needs)
  • How you plan to follow this source (online, TV, radio, etc.)
  • Background on news outlet — history (when it started, headquarters, coverage area, circulation/target audience, changes in news outlet since beginning, who’s in charge – publisher, editor, a few top writers/reporters – slant of coverage – if you can tell.
  • Include links to a recent article from the news source and your review of the story. 

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