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Please respond to the following questions:

As you know, many issues and discussions of systemic racism have surfaced over the last year resulting in protests and Supreme Court rulings.  I recently came across this lecture/rant by Russell Brand, and he addresses race within our pop culture, which relates directly to last unit’s discussion of African American stereotypes, as well as the construction of power in celebrities, and the Internet age of self-publication.  Please watch the youtube link below and discuss how you could verify his claims, and how you can judge if his information is reputable.  In addition, please relate this discussion to any of the past articles and unit lectures that you find relatable.


Imagine that you are a member of a First Nations community in BC which is struggling economically. The elders of the community have approached you and other youth with the idea of taking part in the Aboriginal Youth Business Plan Initiative so that you can get support in terms of guidance and a grant to start a business that will allow people like yourself to prosper in your community. You tell them that you will speak with your friends and will get back to them within a few days.

Step 1

Pick a First Nations Community in BC. Look at their needs and the resources available to them.

Step 2

Look at the grants and support available to aboriginal youth in terms of starting a business. You can start with the Aboriginal Youth Business Plan Initiative, but don’t stop there. Explore the other ideas offered in the course and do some research on your own.

Step 3

Come up with an “elevator pitch” to give to the elders of your community. This is a synopisis of your business plan that can be delivered in 30 seconds. You need to sell the elders on your idea. Explain why this will work.

You will need to hand in notes for your pitch. This might be point form or in full sentences.

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