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Course reading you can use to relate to. You can just google any of these Regionalism in Canada: The Forgotten Diversity Demographic Trends in Canada Social Inequality and Stratification in Canada Race and Ethnicity: The Obvious Diversity Aboriginal Peoples Disability as Difference Diversity and Conformity: The Role of Gender Sexual Diversity in Canada Diversity in Canadian Families: Traditional Values and Beyond The Medium Diversifies the Message: How Media Portray Diversity Literature: The Voice of Diversity.Write a 3-4 page (double spaced) response to one of the required films from the semester.
It can be a film from the course modules or one of the following: CBC Digital Archives. (September 14, 2004). True Canadians: Multiculturalism in Canada debated. [Video file]. Retrieved from K, Jackson. (November 2012). Violence against women: It’s a men’s issue. [Video file]. You MUST relate the film to at least one SPECIFIC course reading. Please summarize the film, highlight the key themes in the film and reflect on the film in relation to the themes of this courseand the reading you have chosen. Provide a citation list following the paper – not including as part of page lim