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  1. What is your essay topic?
  • How well does New Zealand protect human rights? Provide arguments in support of
    your answer, utilising examples to make your case.
  1. Are you going to focus on a particular interpretation of this topic? You might want to focus on a particular case study, for example. Explain your intentions. 
  • I am going to be focusing on the case studies in New Zealand’s debt society and child poverty by Dr M. Claire Dale.I believe this resource will be able to give me a deeper analysis of why New Zealand doesn’t protect human rights validly.
  1. What is your main conclusion? 
  • New Zealand’s justice system does not protect human rights as it does not give humans a right to live without discrimination and inequality.
  1. Name two things you have read, or plan to read, that you will consider and mention in your essay. Summarise what is said in each of these works, and indicate how they are relevant to your topic: 1–3 sentences per work.
  • Fault lines: Human rights in New Zealand by Judy Mcgregor, Sylvia Bell and Margaret Wilson.

Pages 9 – 20 in this book is relevant to my essay as it conveys the human rights treaties in New Zealand that are helped to protect human rights in New Zealand, from a period to inaction to how treaties were developed and if they are securely protecting us today.

  • An article on ‘Abortion case taken to human rights commission.

This article describes that abortion laws contradict the rights of those who are pregnant which again is relevant to my essay as  it is an article that talks about unprotected human rights in New Zealand

  1. Write a short outline of your planned essay. Your outline should indicate the structure of your argument.  

Introduction –

  • What is a human right
  • What are the human rights laws that are put into place in New Zealand
  • What is your view of the argument
  • How New Zealand has created laws that protect human rights
  • Why the protection of human rights in New Zealand in failing
  • How does it affect people in New Zealand today

Supporting paragraphs

  • Is human rights protected in New Zealand
  • Evidence provided, such as why is it not – backing up the argument with supported evidence
  • Why is this evidence believable
  • How it supports the argument
  • Different sources of evidence
  • View from society’s perspective
  • Summarise the reasons of why the argument of the protection of human rights in New Zealand isn’t good
  • Summarise the evidence and why it should be believed
  • Why is the argument correct
  1. Do you have any doubts about your conclusion? What are they?
  • A highly likely doubt in my conclusion would be the fact that the New Zealand government has been trying to protect human rights by reinforcing laws that support rights. The government doesn’t protect human rights very well but still do try to have laws in place that would try to keep people safe.
  1. Provide one original example that you might use in your essay which is relevant to your argument:
  • One original example that would be relevant to my essay would be how invading human rights in New Zealand is still an action of the present. People are still not able to have freedom of speech and some still are labelled by their race, if human rights was protected in New Zealand then in our world today humans wouldn’t feel the need to keep their opinions in their head or hide their race, culture and religion.
  1. Explain how this example is relevant:
  • This example is relevant as it gives an insight on how people today feel that their human rights are unprotected. This also shows that New Zealand doesn’t protect the