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TOPIC-Language is the most important human invention. For your research project, you must complete a research-based term paper on one of the topics below. In order to complete the research paper, you must gather, analyze and synthesize academic research material. Combine your own thinking with that of others, and compose a focused, persuasive, well-developed argument with a clear thesis statement and backed up by appropriate evidence. 2.reference to at least 5 academic sources Annotated Works Cited of all academic sources Citation method: MLA You must use at least 5 academic sources to support your argument. An academic or scholarly source includes a book; book chapter; article in academic journal (printed or digital version); or other academic work. Reliable websites/online resources, or other sources such as films, may be consulted in addition to the scholarly sources, but NOT instead of scholarly sources. Analyses that cite only websites or non-academic sources will result in an automatic fail. All sources must be cited accurately and appropriately, according to the MLA citation method. 3.Gather, comprehend and synthesize research material Demonstrate an understanding of the chosen topic Present a convincing argument in a lucid, straightforward manner Back up evidence with supporting points and evidence Compose a well-organized, coherent, and well-developed essay, with a clear introductory section, body paragraphs and conclusion Write in an academic style, with the appropriate diction, vocabulary and sentence variety, free from colloquial expressions Edit your work so that it is free from grammar/syntax/spelling/punctuation mistakes Cite accurately using MLA style DOUBLED SPACE