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Its about Emma Watsons speech, and we need to answer the following questions (A) Who is the speaker? Briefly mention their background (B) What is the context of the speech? Why is it being delivered? (C) Where is it being delivered? Why is this important/ not so important? (D) Who is the audience for this speech? Why was that audience chosen? (E) What is the purpose of the speech? To inform? Entertain? Instruct? Motivate? Persuade? Educate? (A) Describe the introduction. Was a ‘hook’ used to draw the audience in at the start? i.e. story, statistic, imagine scenario, visual? (B) Describe the body. What were some of the features of language used in the speech- i.e. the use of statistics, anecdotes, metaphors/ symbols, emotive language, experts, imagery, rhetorical questions, inclusive language, repetition, alliteration etc. (C) Describe the conclusion. Was the conclusion memorable in any way? i.e. a call to action? Upbeat? Grim? (A) Describe the speaker’s tone. Enthusiastic? Solemn? Urgent? Humorous? (B) Did the speaker use pauses for effect? Explain. (C) Overall, what did the speaker want his/ her audience to think and feel? (D) Were there visual aids? If so, describe them and their purpose (E) Did the speaker maintain eye contact with his/ her audience? Comment on the speaker’s physical stance and use of gestures, if any. (F) Comment on the speaker’s use of voice, including volume and pace and length of sentences (A) How did the speech make you feel? Did the speaker achieve his/ her purpose? How do you think the speech was received? Comment on any other original ideas or methods the speaker used.