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Task 1 Assessment Criteria (equally weighted) 
 1. The submitted task clearly and concisely details a critical narrative of a personal learning experience that includes orientation, action and reaction to the incident. The selected incident demonstrates the ability to identify and make pertinent observations about learners, learning sites and learning contexts from personal experience. 
 2. The submitted task makes meaning of the incident presented through in-depth discussion exploring teaching and learning identity and an emerging pedagogical positioning. 
 3. The paper critically analyses the narrative through an analytical lens to develop an interpretative discussion. This analytical lens includes: critical evaluation of the embedded beliefs, values and practices; highlighting disjunctions or paradoxes; and synthesizing the remaining questions or gaps that need further consideration. 
 4. The submitted task is free from spelling, grammatical and typographical errors. It meets the required length and complies with Australian academic rules and conventions. It is referenced as necessary to strengthen your analysis of your narrative incident through the consistent and accurate use of a recognised referencing convention – we ask you to use Harvard: Argyris, C. & Schön, D. A. (1974) Theory in practice: increasing professional effectiveness, Jossesy-Bass: San Francisco Beattie, M. (2007) The Art of Learning to Teach, Pearson: Upper Saddle River
 Zima, P. (2002) Deconstruction and critical theory, Continuum: London