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Question: How does death feature in poetry? ESSAY FORMAT 500 words Comparing/contrasting the poems –YOU MUST show how the two chosen poems speak to each other. It will be difficult to fully answer the question if you talk about the poems as separate entities. To answer the question, explore the varied ways death features in TWO poems LXXXIX (Pablo Neruda) & THE RAVEN. Consider the way these poets use literary devices (rhythm, rhyme, metre, rhetoric, monologue, irony, refrain, symbolism, genre) to say something about death and to achieve a particular expressive form in doing so. – Speak about death – REPITION – RHYMES – PERSONIFICATION – LITERATURE – How death effects loved ones – Impact of death IN THE TWO POEMS INTRODUCTION – must have a thesis statement. REFERENCE: MLA Need to add the line number/s of the poem/s you are discussing. POEM 1 – Pablo Neruda, “LXXXIX” (p.358) New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2008. POEM 2 – Poe, Edgar Allan. “The Raven.” The Norton Anthology of Poetry. (6th Edition). Margaret Ferguson, Tim Kendall, Mary Jo Salter (editors). New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 1016-19.