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Research paper Focusing on the problem face by every international student, giving three main points that will elaborate in the essay. international fees, expenses of international students, difficulties in finding good job and house for rent. Your final research paper will take the form of an argumentative essay that grapples with a specific social justice issue. In 12- point font and you must include a work consulted list in proper MLA or APA form. The project should be appropriate in scope, so make sure that the topic is narrow enough to be dealt with within the limits of the paper (while not so narrow as to have no social stakes). While you must meaningfully engage with the 3 secondary sources you include, your main aim is to develop your own argument that takes a distinctive stance on the issue you have chosen to explore. One of the challenges of this assignment will be maintaining the primacy and clarity of your own voice while entering a critical conversation. Discuss the question you are exploring using relevant, credible sources that illuminate the topic and make sure that you summarize and engage with them fairly and even-handedly. This means ensuring that you summarize, interpret, and evaluate your sources as necessary (not all sources require the same treatment). In general, your secondary sources need to be scholarly and peer-reviewed, though sources such as a film or credible newspaper article on the topic are allowed.z Structurally, make sure that your final research paper includes the following: An engaging title that captures an interesting dimension of the topic. – A strong introduction that includes a hook, whatever background context is necessary, and a clear outline of the question or problem that the essay will explore. In addition to introducing the subject matter to be discussed, it should provide a clear road map of what will happen in the essay. 4 – A persuasive and compelling thesis statement, which includes what the paper will argue (the main claim), how the paper will argue this (the strategy or methodology), and why this matters (the expression of the larger social significance of the issue). – Strong body paragraphs, which include clear topic sentences, sufficient direct quotes and paraphrases to support your points, and effective use of 2-3 secondary sources. In addition to including concluding sentences, and transitions when necessary, also make sure that your paragraphs are organized in a logical order. – Direct quotations, which are elegantly integrated into your sentences and effectively introduced, cited, and explained. Make sure that your citations consistently employ proper MLA or APA style. – An engaging conclusion, which highlights the paper’s main line of argument without repeating it verbatim. Make sure that you rephrase or reframe what has previously been said in a novel and rhetorically impactful way. The conclusion is also the time to drive home the larger social significance of the project. – Strong syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling throughout. Now that we’ve covered most of these mechanics in class, they will factor into your final research project more heavily than in previous assignments. Please make sure that you use spell check, that you revise and edit your draft multiple times, and that you visit the Writing Centre if necessary. – A “Works Consulted” list, which provides every secondary source that you read in preparation for the essay, in proper MLA or APA style. It is up to you whether you want to separate the “Works Cited” from the “Works Consulted” or whether you want to group them all together under the latter heading.