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Assessment 1 – Blog Postings and E-Learning Module Assessment Type Online Learning Activity Description Part a: Introduction (200 words): Under the Blackboard course button ‘Introduce yourself here’, create a blog and introduce yourself to your colleagues by addressing the following: 1. Your name and a brief summary of your health professional career to date; 2. Insert a photo of yourself; 3. Your motivation for undertaking this course; 4. Your understanding as to how this course relates to your clinical practice; Part b: Clinical Governance (500 words): Under the Blackboard course button ‘Assessment’, and ‘Assessment 1: Clinical Governance’, create a blog and choose one of the following questions and provide a short answer. Consider the relevant governance principles guiding infection prevention and control in your clinical practice setting. (Nursing Home). What is the role of surveillance in epidemiology as it applies to infection prevention and control and population health? Please note: Relevant literature should be used to support answers and referenced using APA style. Part c: E-learning module: You are required to complete the e-learning module ‘Basic microbiology and multi-resistant organisms’ from To be considered to have mastered the content, a minimum of 80% must be achieved in the final module assessment. You are required to print your final result page, then scan the page and upload it as an attachment to your blog posting.

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