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Describe a proteomics experiment that you think would be interesting to perform in our weeklong practical session. Try to incorporate some of the techniques and technologies we used in our class this semester, but feel free to include anything else you think is worthwhile.
In your practical session you used differential display 2-DE and mass spectrometry to examine differential protein expression between two strains of Giardia with different virulence phenotypes. Suggest a follow-up experiment you could do to confirm (or disprove) your results. You can use whatever techniques and resources you want in your answer.
Now that you have seen and used some high end instrumentation, if you were setting up your own proteomics laboratory and had funding to buy one mass spectrometer, what would you buy, and why?
What do you think was the most important thing you learned in your practical class?
Imagine that you are in charge of a proteomics laboratory and you have just been given a free sample of a newly purified enzyme which the company claims is a Histidine-specific protease. Explain how you would design an experiment to decide whether the new enzyme was worth purchasing for your lab or not.

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