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Develop an individualized teaching plan for the selected prenatal client.  Include the following information in the teaching plan:
1. A clear introduction that explains what will be discussed in the paper and a conclusion that summarizes what was discussed in the paper. 2. Briefly describe the client’s stage of growth and development using one developmental theory.  Support the explanation with evidence from the literature and the case study and describe how you would assess your client’s readiness to learn (for example, education level, socio-economic status, language understood). 3. Identify two (2) priority health education needs, physical and psychological, that are appropriate for your chosen client. Identify the learning objectives you would have for your client (remember SMART format).   Ensure that you support your learning objectives with evidence from the case study and literature. 4. Identify priority educational content that addresses each priority health education need, with evidence from the literature.  5. Identify how you would deliver the educational content to your client and what teaching strategies you would use. 6. Explain why the teaching strategies are appropriate for your chosen client given her stage of growth and development, readiness to learn, and socio-cultural environment, with evidence from the literature. 7. Explain how you would evaluate the client’s understanding of the educational content presented.

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