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The student will research their own family’s medical history and report the findings to the class. Upon researching each side of the student’s immediate family (parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins) the student will look for disease trends that appear in the family tree. If disease is discovered the student will then create the presentation around the conditions/ diseases identified. If the student is unable to discover trends of conditions the student will then focus on prevention of conditions that could occur without preventative care. Complete research by interviewing family members, reviewing family documents and holding conversations with family members about deceased family members. The project deliverables include: Written report in APA formatted document including cover sheet and reference page. Elements for written paper include but are not limited to: etiology of diseases/ conditions identified; body systems affected by the condition; lifestyle factors related to conditions; complications that could occur due to the condition; prognosis of condition; treatments of conditions; quality of life for patient with condition. The paper should be at least (10) ten pages of content and visual of trends (graph, illustration of incidence, etc.); discussion of elements above; discussion of preventative measures for limiting incidence of future family members developing conditions; lifestyle changes that may be needed to treat conditions.

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