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Task Description: Practitioners in health related fields are required to be familiar with current literature in their chosen field of practice to ensure service delivery is based on the best available evidence. At times, this will involve searching for literature and compiling this in the form of a literature review. In order to develop your skills in conducting a review, this assessment requires you to write a literature review by:
•Choosing a specific topic area of relevance to your field of study/practice
•Establishing the importance of this research topic to the field
•Conducting a search for relevant scholarly literature published on this topic within the past 5 – 10 years, and any earlier seminal works. Although your review will focus on the current state of research, it is important to check earlier works to see if important aspects of your topic were resolved decades ago
•Critically analysing the literature and writing a review which synthesises the major themes in the literature
•Identifying areas of controversy and gaps in literature and formulating questions that need further research

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