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Provides studentsw ith opportunities to apply the nursing process to adults and older adults in a variety of settings. Performs the role of the professional nurse with the focus on the individual, family, and community. Increasess tudents’ ability to perform comprehensiveh ealth assessments and collaboratew ith members of the health care team to identify problems, plan, intervene, and evaluate care. Applies safe, patient-centered, comprehensivee, vidence-based nursing care,a nd professional standardso f practice.
Studentw ill be able to: l. Perform a comprehensiven ursing assessmenot n individuals, families, and community with acute and chronic health problems in a variety of clinical settings. *Outcomes: Nursing Practice, Technical Skills 2. Integratek nowledge of pathophysiology into clinical practice. *Outcome: Critical Reasoning 3. Utilize the nursing process to provide effective interventionsf or adultsa nd older adults. *Outcome: Nursing Practice 4. Demonstrate professional nursing standards,c ore values, and knowledge in a variety of clinical settings. * Outcomes:  Leaders hip, Te chnical Skills 5. Function as a collaborativem ember of the health caret eam. *Outcomes: Communication, Nursing Practice 6. Identify the impact of evidence-based practice on clinical issues. *Outcomes: Critical Reasoning,N ursing Practice 7. Demonstrates kills in using patient caret echnologies, information systems,a nd communicationd evices that support safe nursingcare. *Outcomes: Technical Skills, Critical Reasoning
* Course objectives are aligned with the student leaming outcomes identified for the undergraduaten ursing program: Nursing Practice, Technical Skills, Critical Reasoning, Communication.a nd Leadership.
ilI. COURSE OUTLINE A. Expansion of health assessment skills in adultsa

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