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According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA, a Consensus Statement or a Medical Consensus is “a public statement on a particular aspect of clinical knowledge available at the time it was written, that is generally agreed upon as the evidence-based knowledge by a representative group of experts in that area”. The objective of a Consensus Statement is to counsel practitioners on the best possible and acceptable way to diagnose, treat and manage certain diseases. Materials and Equipment You will need the following:  x Learning Portal access
Assessment Details
Type of Assessment: Botanical Consensus Statement
Task Overview:  You will choose one (1) condition (from three (3) choices) and you will research and analyse the information you have located into an evidenced-based resource designed for peers and featuring the aetiology and herbal treatment of that condition. Format: Your submission must be typewritten. Word count is approximately 2500 words for in total. Academic writing style is required. Ensure you follow the guidelines provided in the Academic Writing Guide found in the Academic Skills section of your Learning Portal and proof-read your work before submission to avoid typos, spelling and grammar errors.

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