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This assignment comprises two questions; the first worth ten marks and the second worth 20 marks. You must receive a grade of at least 50 percent. Your mark for this exercise is worth 15% of your final grade for the course. Complete Assignment 2 after you have finished Unit 9 of your course. Your assignment should be submitted online using the Assignment Drop Box. If you choose to send it by mail, you must make arrangements with your tutor beforehand. Your tutor will mark and return your assignment using the same Drop Box method. Review it carefully, and pay particular attention to your tutor’s comments. If you have any questions or problems, please discuss them with your tutor. Your assignment should be no more than 5–7 pages, double spaced, 11- to 12-point font, and with one-inch margins. You will find instructions for submitting your course work under the Assignment Drop Boxes heading on the course home page. Assignment 2 (30 marks) Locate and read a current journal article (within the last five years) that discusses any treatment of sexual dysfunction. Write a summary and review of this article including you own perspectives on the topic. (Note: you are required to select a current peer reviewed journal article not a short commentary or article found on-line. (10 marks) Imagine you are teaching a course on pregnancy and conception for young couples. Create a presentation using diagrams and charts in order to explain the fertility cycle and when it is the best time for the couple to have intercourse to maximize their chances of conception. In your response also include strategies they may use to enhance their chances of conception. (20 marks) Textbook for course: Human Sexuality in a World of Diversity

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