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This is a review paper for using stem cell especially mesenchymal stem cells to regenerate damaged retinal tissue. Attached you will find some references that I should to use (you can use more). The paper should include: 1- Introduction: include some fact and knowledge about retinal disease then stem cell promising treatment. Focus on isolation of stem cell from cord tissue. 2- Aims/objectives Aim: 1. Expansion of MSCs using EGF and Platelet lysate (summarize the attached articles) Aim: 2. Differentiation of MSCs into neural and retinal derivatives Aim: 3. Characterization of neural and retinal progenitors e.g. immunostaining, PCR and FACs 2. Efficacy of neural and retinal derivatives to regenerate retina in two specific model (rd12 mice model and NMDA induce retina in rat model). Write a little background on both rd12 mouse model and on mechanism of NMDA damaged to retinal. b. Summary in Transplantation of embryonic stem cells into rd12 mouse retina in the attached study (G. Rasul Chaudhry 2009, focus on method and result) c. Summary in Transplantation of embrynic stem cells study into induced/damaged retina by NMDA(Jennifer J 2009, focus on method and result) Conclusion