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This is about outbreak that happens in restaurant. this event have two questions need to be answered. I would like to answer these two question and provide two references at least. Write around 400 words for the two questions not more. thank you. 1) Post and discuss your interpretation of the data of the completed interviews The outbreak_interview_summary_complete-1.xlsx (11.305 KB). I have attached this file. find it please. 2) Which pathogen is suspected? Which pathogen do you suspect? Provide justification (not just an opinion). This one of the answers that the teacher reply on it this “Great investigative work” Clostridium perfringens must be considered, due to the onset and type of symptoms currently presented. Of the 10 people we have data on, all report diarrhoea, 8 report stomach cramps and only 3 report vomiting and none have fever. These symptoms and their onset at 6-10 hrs post exposure are consistent with C. Perfringens, which is within 24 hrs of eating. According to the Foodborne Pathogens Compendium for outbreak investigations (2010), this pathogen is associated with food prepared in advance which is allowed to cool slowly. Humpty said the food was kept in a bain marie and it was cool. The types of food at risk are meat and poultry dishes. We know that of the sick people 9/10 ate beef/lamb kebabs, 7/10 lamb curry, 5/10 chicken kebab and 7/10 chicken curry. We need to collect food samples and transport in a cold pack and collect stool samples from the sick to assist in the identification of the pathogen. thank you