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Length/Duration: Presentation script (500words, can include dot points), 8 minutes presentation duration TASK: Oral/video student Presentation: On-campus students will develop a presentation script and deliver an eight (8) minute oral presentation with an additional two (2) minutes of question time (10 minutes total), that relates to teaching one (1) topic that have been discussed in the lectures/workshops. The topics can be concepts or skills from any content area (biomechanics, motor learning, and sport psychology) within the course. Presentation materials can include: ppt slides, handouts, video clips, props and posters. The presentation script should include the following: – Define the topic that you will be teaching (what is it you are talking about) – Explain why the topic is important to physical education/exercise science (increase the level of fitness; performance analysis; improved skill level) – Define the body systems/processes involved (energy systems – aerobic, anaerobic) – Explain how these body systems may change across the lifespan (less oxygen intake; more fat, less muscle; lower heart rate) – Explain how we can test the body systems involved (strength test, reaction times) – Explain how you could improve the results of this testing (resistance training; anaerobic training; interval training) – Clear and logical presentation arguments/ discussions and examples relevant to the topic – credible range of research sources (scientific research journals; specific text books) Presentation topics can include concepts from any of the course areas content (biomechanics, motor learning, sport psychology) for example, the concept of projectile motion of a javelin throw, energy systems used in 100 meter sprint versus long distance running, golf swing, soccer kick, etc. The criteria sheet outlines the requirements of the assessment task. Purpose: The focus of the assessment task will require you to draw on lecture information and may include insights from other sources and personal experiences to support your comments (use appropriate referencing). Format Requirements: Cover page, page numbers, header/footer, tables and graphs as applicable, and reference list. N.B. Your work must be specifically related to you and your experiences and clearly identifiable as your personal work. Additional research should come from readings on the study desk or available resources, website information, books or articles, etc. Examples may draw on personal experience and/or insights about other individuals, teams, sports or sporting teams/organisations, sporting events/competitions and Australia and/or other countries. Research Sources: There must be clear evidence of the use of credible academic research sources to guide your planning and your response to the assessment task. You need to acknowledge all sources of information that are not your own using the APA referencing style to do so. Referencing system – American Psychological Association (APA Style): APA style is the only referencing style that will be accepted. Below is the link to the USQ Library site that will help you become familiar with the APA style.