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Reflection is a valuable way of learning about yourself, about the way you learn, and about professional practice. Analysing learning events that have occurred on campus, in your personal study, and in the clinical setting, and understanding how these events have helped in the development of required professional attributes, is a proven way of discovering what you have yet to learn, and deciding on improved strategies for future learning. The entry should include 200 words +/- 10% on each of the following topics: 1. Something you have learned that you believe will help you to become a better MRS practitioner. Explain how and why you believe this has helped. This could be an imaging technique, communication strategies, principles of ethics, learning strategies, or any other topic covered in the lectures and tutorials. 2. Something new you have learned about the way that you learn This question is specifically about your learning style, and not strategies for learning/study (which are covered in question 3). Are you a “hands on” learner? Does rote learning work best for you? Are you a visual learner? Do you learn best some other way? Think about what you have done to study (not just for this subject, but for any subject), what has worked, and what hasn’t. You may write about what hasn’t worked, as long as you identify what you plan to do about it. 3. A new strategy that you believe will help you to learn more effectively This may be something recommended to you by a friend, a lecturer, a learning advisor, a parent, or even something you have researched yourself. Why do you think this strategy will work for you? In what way do you think your learning will be enhanced?

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