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ASSESSMENT TASK 3: DESCRIPTION This assignment will help you develop: critical reading, analysis and synthesis; research skills; and essay structure, writing and referencing skills. These skills will facilitate your ability to research and write analytical essays for subjects throughout your degree. Major Essay Question: With reference to Fadiman (1997) and other scholarly sources, discuss the cultural clash of biomedical and shamanic practices. Analyse how each culture of healing sees their practice as rational and the other’s as irrational, thus leading to enthnocentrism. Select ONE ethnographic book from the list. By the end of Study Week you should have read the entire book. Then re-read the chapters that are particularly significant in relation to the essay question. It is strongly advised to start reading the ethnography as soon as you have finished the Minor Essay. In the Subject Calendar (below) identify which lectures correspond to your chosen ethnographic book and the essay question. These lectures will give a background to the subject matter addressed in the ethnography. The readings for the lecture week will also relate to the lecture topic and broadly to the ethnographic book. (Use set readings in your essay). You also need to research at least 2 additional scholarly anthropology sources that correspond to the essay question. Scholarly sources include peer-reveiwed journal articles, books and book chapters. Approximately 5 scholarly sources should be used in your major essay. (You may also use lecture slides, but these are not as important as articles, chapters and books). Essay Length: 1,500 words (+ or – 10% not including references).

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