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Critically examine topics, describe and locate authoritative sources of information, and develop academic practices to resolve an enquiry and to complete assessment tasks.
a. Construct and implement effective research strategies to identify and locate authoritative sources of information. b. Use critical thinking and critical reading skills to identify and analyse concepts, ideas and arguments in a range of academic and publicly available resources c. Demonstrate understanding of the underlying principles of referencing and academic integrity by correct use of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) style of referencing in learning and assessment tasks. 2 Engage in analysis of the ways in which consumers interact with the health care system.
a. Describe features of the current health services system, including the role of collaborative practice, as it relates to the provision of services to consumers. b. Describe the concept of professionalism and its implications for clinical practice and the reputation of the discipline.   c. Describe features of the lived experience of illness and disability from the perspective of consumers. Explain how an individual may benefit from taking an active role in the decision-making that relates to their health care and wellbeing.