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It’s about Multiple sclerosis, cognition, treatment, types of MS, How does it get worse or how does it get under control ( Remyelination, Demyelination, How it works, sodium channel and MS, monoclonal antibodies and agents and MS, CAM on MS, Phenytoin and optic-neuritis, Time and Brain MS, Aletuzumab, Daclizumab and etc ). What medications were used and being used, comparing treatment (OLD and NEW). , At the moment I just need you to start writing up and afterward I will ask you to write the introduction, abstract, discussion, conclusion and etc… But now I just would like to ask you start writing up and start explaining. I need updates every single week to mention the work with my supervisor so there should not be a problems and excuses for editing and modifying and etc I want to do it as best as possible get at least an advantage for publishing my project review at University Magazine. Several journals attached also, use them for start.. Anything needed give me a shout plz, do not hasitate MAKE SENSE? THANKS IN ADVANCE BEST AMIR


Describe treatment process for this patient, from the history taking through to treatment, management plan and possible referral? Be sure to include in your answer: • What tests would be carried out, why they would be done and what the results indicate • What the treatment options for this patient would be • Recognition of osteomyelitis • To whom and when they would be referred. DESCRIBE WHAT OSTEOMYLITIS IS AND THE RELEVANT SIGNS, EARLY AND LATER STAGES. Refere to gp and multi disciplinary team letter of diagnosis and findings Consider Neurovascular assessments  Refrences Lorimer D Neals common foot disorders radiological assessment for podiatrists