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Schizophrenia Introduction: • Clearly identify the mental health condition/diagnosis that you have chosen – Schizophrenia • Introduce the key issues you will be discussing in this essay – what causes schizophrenia, effects on the brain Main body of essay: Identify a Mental Health condition and discuss this in relation to: • Definition of the condition, Diagnostic criteria, Signs and Symptoms. • Epidemiology (causation, prevalence, co-morbidity, prognosis). • Recovery and Prevention. • Treatment and Interventions. • Communication and Professionalism. • The effect of the condition on the individual service user, carer and family. • Link Theory and Clinical practice with Critical analysis. • Show evidence of safe practice through appropriate up to date Research/Policy/Clinical Guidance. Conclusion: Draw together main points from the discussion to demonstrate your understanding of the chosen mental health condition


The essay requires students to describe two conditions of their choice; one where pain relates to tissue pathology and one where it doesn’t. Consider the conditions you would like to research from the literature – essentially one will be more acute and the other more chronic. Once these conditions are described, you need to compare and contrast the management strategies you would use. This will require some research – consider starting with clinical guidelines. Remember, we are interested in why you would use these management strategies; clinical evidence is important but we want you to justify your decisions based on your new understanding of pain.

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