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Discussion questions about medical ethics related to the physicians and colleagues : 1. Discusses why all physicians might feel difficulties to report formally any suspected inappropriate behavior? 2. With regard to assessment of any physicians’ impairment that may impede him/her form practicing medicine competently and safely: reflect on main environmental stressors/reasons that may interfere with physicians welfare and compromise his wellness and fitness for their role? And give some specific corrective intervention to safeguard them? 3. Review and analysis the essential elements of patient safety program in any designated hospital and provide your recommendation for any improvements. 4. What is the 1 question you have that you’d like answered immediately? Include 7-10 References at least. Links for patient safety Now that you have given additional in-depth thought to your potential research topic and problem statement, and received feedback on your ideas, it is time to refine those ideas into a more formal document that communicates a general sense of the direction of your research. To complete this Assignment, carefully review the Doctoral Study Premise Guide found in the “Office of Student Research Administration: DHA Doctoral Study” webpage in this week’s resources. Focus particularly on the Annotated Outline that defines the protocols for the parts of the Premise: title, problem statement, approach for the study, potential sources of data and information, and references, as well as the sample premise.
To prepare:
•    Consider the Instructor and peer feedback you have received.
•    Review the guidance found in the Doctoral Study Premise Guide on developing your Premise.
The Assignment (2–3 pages):
•    Develop your Doctoral Study Premise following the guidelines included in the Doctoral Study Premise Guide.programs in 2 hospitals may be helpful for question



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