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TOPIC: Diuretics versus beta blockers as the first step in drug therapy I have to write an Article review according to this topic, so we have to choose the best articles related to this topic (3 to 5 articles) and give our personal opinion Length: A 1750 words document Fontsize 12, double spacing Maximum 20 references in Vancouver style The content of the report should include background information, current practice/standards, strength and weakness of the literature, and discussion of the impact on current knowledge and/or practice. structure of the Article: 1.Abstract 2.Introduction 3.Sources and selection criteria ( for example: To identify suitable scientific studies for this review, a comprehensive search was performed on PubMed using combinations of the search terms ‘percutaneous coronary intervention’, ‘bare metal stents’ and ‘drug eluting stents’, ‘randomized controlled trial’ and ‘observational registry’ from 2000 to 2016 inclusive. Other articles, including societal guidelines and conference reports, were identified via Google search.) 4.Methodology and results 5.Advantages and disadvantages 6.DISCUSSION 7.Conclusion the most important part is the discussion which worth 50% i will send you the rubric so u can see the description for each section i will send you one related aricle as well