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The aim of this study is to evaluate the long term clinical outcome of the Superline (Dentium, Seoul, Korea) implants for 5 years,  and to determine the risk factors of implant failure in the Singaporean population.1. The incomplete draft titled ‘A 5 year retrospective clinical study of tapered implants with internal conical hex in a private practice’ with comments added by my professor. Please address to his comments and do the necessary changes. 2. 2 articles are are similar to my research paper. You can use the same references to be included into my paper, but please make sure it will not be plagiarised. The main part that you can help will be coming up with the abstract and the introduction that my professor wants to lengthen. 3. RAW data that I came up during the research to generate the tables and graphs. 4. Figures and tables that shall be used to be included into the paper. The main bulk of the paper is already done and I will need you to help tidy up the literature review part at the introduction, abstract, insert the figures, graphs, tables at the correct position and the references in APA style. I hope that you will be able to deliver the finished paper by end of JUNE 2017 so that I can send it for the Professor to vet through. In the process, please feel free to contact me through email to discuss and clarify and doubts and questions you have for me.

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