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The task is: A recent self-review has shown that the medical school lacks both exposure for students to primary care settings and sufficient early clinical skills training. In response to this, the Dean has received a proposal from the Medical Education Unit (MEU) to introduce a series of new attachments [field placements] in primary care settings for first year students in groups of eight, where they will learn and be assessed on basic clinical skills. The MEU team members are now due to attend the Dean’s project board meeting to discuss their plans and the resources that they will need to complete the project. The Dean asked you if you would lead the questioning of the MEU team about their proposal. 1.State (on the following pages) what factors and features you would expect the MEU team to mention when describing the content and structure of their action plan (200 – 250 words) 2. The MEU team should take steps to ensure that their plan is appropriate to the available resources. What answers would you expect to each of the following aspects? (i) Types of sustainable resource required (100 – 150 words) (ii) Ensuring that sustainable resources are available (100 – 150 words) 3. What factors would the Dean take into account when inviting a team of External Reviewers, and when planning the external review process to look at the new arrangements once they are in place? Describe what should be considered and why it is important. (i) Important things to consider when appointing the team, and reasons why they are important (100 – 150 words) (ii) Important things to consider when planning the external review process, with reasons for your selection (100 – 150 words)

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