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Reflection is a valuable way of learning about yourself, and about professional practice. Analysing events that have occurred in the clinical setting, and understanding how these events have helped in the development of required professional attributes, is a proven way of discovering what you have yet to learn, and deciding on improved strategies for the next time a similar event is encountered. This task takes each of the five broad domains of professional practice, as defined by the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia, and asks students to write a reflection under each of these areas. These reflections should include specific examples from placement of how the student has learned the specific skill and/or characteristic. Generic examples are not satisfactory- they should be specific, and an event that the student has been involved in some way. There is a 200 word count limit for each answer. The five domains that entries are to be made under are as follows. The points under each category are NOT areas that must be covered- they are suggested areas that help to illustrate what is expected in each category. Students should feel free to broaden their ideas beyond these suggested ones. 1. Professional and ethical conduct This domain covers practitioners’ responsibility to be professional and ethical, and to practise within the current medico-legal framework. It also addresses their responsibility for ensuring that patient/client confidentiality and privacy is maintained at all times, while recognising the potential role as a patient/client advocate. 2. Communication and collaboration This domain covers medical radiation practitioners’ responsibility in utilising appropriate, clear and effective communication. It also addresses their responsibility for ensuring that they function effectively with other health practitioners at all times. 3. Evidence-based practice and professional learning This domain covers medical radiation practitioners’ responsibility to engage in evidence-based practice and to critically monitor their actions through a range of reflective processes. It also addresses their responsibility for identifying, planning and implementing their ongoing professional learning needs.
Charles Sturt University Subject Outline MRS290 201630 W I-6 February 2016-Version 1 Page  of 21 52
4. Radiation safety and risk management This domain covers medical radiation practitioners’ responsibility to protect patients/clients, others and the environment from harm by managing and responding to the risks inherent in both healthcare and medical radiation practice. It also addresses their responsibility for ensuring high quality professional services are provided for the benefit of patients/clients and other service users. 5. Practice in medical radiation science (diagnostic radiography/radiation therapy) This domain covers the knowledge, skills and capabilities a medical radiation practitioner requires to practise independently. Elements in this domain are common to all medical radiation practitioners, taking into account the different requirements of each division of registration.
Suggested Reflective Journal Questions: 1. What was the most significant event this week? What did you learn from this? 2. Describe technical and/or interpersonal difficulties (patients or staff) encountered this week. What was done to overcome them? 3. Describe something you have learnt this week from:     a) A technologist:     b) Other staff (eg. nurse, doctor, secretary):     c) Yourself: 4. What have you learnt this week that will aid you next