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Your main job is to research and gather information on the below topic. It should start with a introduction and for all of the question please write a paragraph and include a APA Citation.
You must understand that what type of device can be attached to the ablation catheter? Name the device and bring one of its picture but please make sure to do the APA reference for all the images and information.
A general information you should gathered on the device and the “IntellaNav Open-Irrigated (OI) Ablation Catheter” which can be attached to the device. and any gaps you are encountering, will be the focus of this section. You will evaluate the product information you have collected, citing any improvements that could have been made to the product, or the process of licensing. Are there any gaps in their process? Are they lax in testing? Were they competitively driven to get their product on the market? Try to understand the philosophy of the company and their motivation for getting their product on the market….competition, new modality, patents, financial???

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