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You are on the committee that is planning an international conference on ‘Quality in Health Professions Education: Developing education through external review.’ Because you have been studying this course, you have a better overall perspective than anyone else. So you have offered to write the introductory conference materials. Your committee knows that there is a vocal group of people who are especially opposed to the idea of international external review and so everyone agrees that you should also address their potential criticisms before the meeting starts. The announcement of materials and call for abstracts will set out the main areas to be addressed at the conference, and you have agreed to write an overview to stimulate the debate. The committee has agreed some questions that the conference should address. These questions (and guidance for your writing) are as follows: 1. What is the educational development cycle? In this section, please cover each of the points listed below. a) Describe three models b) Explain their similarities and differences. c) Suggest five factors that should be taken into account when selecting a development cycle to suit your institution. 2. External review: Do we really need it? a) Define an external review. b) State five main purposes of external review, explaining why they are important. c) Give five ways in which external review differs from self-review. 3. Identify five strengths and five weaknesses of external review conducted by a group from the same country as the school being inspected. 4. What arguments might be put forward by those who oppose external review conducted by an international group? Identify five arguments against international external review, and then write your reply to those arguments. 5. The controversial issue of globalisation often lies behind the concerns that people have about regulation and accreditation in health professions education. Your committee feel that this should be mentioned in the brochure to stimulate a balanced discussion of this topic. In particular, you should discuss: a) What is globalisation? b) Discuss three ways in which globalisation affects regulation and accreditation. 6. The committee want to ensure that conference participants understand the importance of change management after any review. a) Discuss three reasons why making improvements after an external review will need to be managed into place and monitored to ensure proper implementation. b) Discuss the main features of an effective approach to managing change in a health professions context. PLEASE NOTE: The Committee would like you to write a well-argued academic paper with references to raise the status of this topic in the eyes of the academics who will read it.

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