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“ The Ebola Virus: Where does it come from, how deadly is it and how can we prevent it from spreading?” The Ebola outbreak of 2014 has been the subject of much of the recent media coverage (e.g., see news items below). Document the information gathered using the following headings: (a) Ebola virus and its characteristics (e.g., What characteristic features if any, does this organism possess that allows it to readily cause disease? How readily is this organism cultured in the laboratory? Does it have any particularly unique growth requirements? ) (b) Epidemiology of the Ebola virus (e.g., Where is this organism naturally found? Is there a natural host? How is the organism transmitted? Who is at risk and why? What is its distribution in the world and can it become a problem in Australia? ) (c) Symptoms of Ebola infection (infection caused by the Ebola virus) (e.g., What are the major disease symptoms in humans? Are the symptoms constant or do they vary widely across individuals? Why is infection with this organism a concern given that it is not as common as the common cold? (d) Measures to prevent infection by Ebola virus, including measures put into place to prevent and control outbreaks of the kind reported above.