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Check grammar and overall sentence structure. Some sentences seem to stop mid sentence (e.g. top of page 8)

Give clear overview of the literature, discuss TKP, rehabilitation, and importance of quality of movement/ control. Guide the reader so that at the end of the introduction the reader will have an idea of which tasks you will be looking at.

Background STAMINA
This should be part of your introduction

Change the aims and objectives so they reflect what you really are doing (not just measuring of movement and EMG, but looking at the quality of movement/ control)
Move the questionnaires to the PhD phase

Be very detailed about every step of the way in methods
-recruitment: (how and where were people recruited, inclusion and exclusion criteria, consent process)
-assessment: what are you assessing in each phase, which devices do you use to measure this, how was it recorded
-analysis: describe how each variable was processed and analysed
-statistics: describe descriptive statistics, and which tests you used for comparisons (and which tasks you are comparing!)

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