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Task description:
Choose one of the two case studies covered in Moodle on Chronic diseases (Sophie, Cystic Fibrosis; or Michael, Motor Neuron Disease) and address the following questions in relation to this condition and the chosen case study:
•    Critically discuss the self-management of the condition using a person centered approach for the person living with this condition (LO 3).
•    Consider the legal and ethical issues related to management of this condition (LO 4).
•    Describe and critically discuss the interprofessional team members and the roles of those involved in the management of the person with this condition (LO 6)
Structure and presentation
This assignment is a piece of academic writing and needs to be structured as such, with an introduction, conclusion and sub-headings as needed. You are expected to substantiate your ideas and discussion using recent relevant peer reviewed academic resources.
APA is the required referencing system for assignments in the School of Health. Follow the link at the top right of the page for information and examples

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