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Provide a detailed therapeutic intervention for the case study provided.
Section A: Rationale
Your chosen approach and treatment plan (if applicable) should be introduced by a brief but clear theoretically supported rationale which demonstrates a focused understanding of the origins/causal explanations of the client’s presenting problem(s) to establish (where appropriate) a therapeutic framework for your proposed treatment. You will also need to explain the presenting problem(s) by making reference to one of the main systems of diagnosis and classification of mental disorders.
You may choose to focus on one perspective in depth (e.g. cognitive, biological, psychodynamic, humanistic etc.) or alternatively you may choose to take an eclectic approach and create your intervention from more than one treatment perspective. Be aware that there will be a breadth/depth trade off if you have taken more than one approach in your intervention.
(approx. 500 words)
Section B: Treatment
In this section you are required to devise an intervention plan, which you have tailored specifically for your client.
The approach you adopt will be influenced by the way that you view the client’s presenting problems (your chosen approach) and will be clearly justified in the rationale you give in Section A. You should include clear information regarding your role as well as that of the client and any significant others you choose to include.
In addition to targeting the key issues which your client presents to you, you will need to consider less explicit issues such as social factors; self esteem etc. that may also be impacting on your client’s distress.
You will need to:
Give specific details of the aim of each technique that you choose including how this will be reached (be creative here). How will you evaluate your progress?
Include an appropriate timeframe for your therapeutic intervention.
Consider the role of the client (e.g. homework); the therapist / practitioner and significant others (if applicable). How do you establish rapport?
Acknowledge any pertinent ethical considerations
Present this plan in the way that is most appropriate for you to convey your information clearly. You may use diagrams but this is entirely optional (approx. 1000 words)
Section C: Evaluation and Reflection
Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the approach you have taken with particular reference to your intervention.
(approx. 500 words)
You are expected to pay full attention to referencing throughout this assignment.

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