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Assessment 1 Tasks:
Based on the handover you received at the beginning of your shift today, other information
included below and current reliable evidence for practice, address the following 5 tasks.
Do not make up or assume information in relation to or about Neville, the photo is not an
indication of his age or appearance. Only use what you know from the information you
received today.
Students are expected to demonstrate
Person-centred care
That they have read beyond the set texts to prepare their responses and,
Can apply and integrate knowledge to practice and a specific case.
Reliance on text books alone is no guarantee that your information is current and reliable
evidence for practice. However, set texts are a good place to start to identify key points and
to develop search strategies to locate appropriate journal articles.
A reminder to use the Assessment 1 tips in the Assessment 1 folder on NUR250 Learnline.
Task 1: Understanding nursing problems
After handover you consider and plan the nursing care that Neville requires today.
You recognise that there are 5 key nursing problems for Neville today:
Ineffective airway clearance
Impaired gas exchange
Risk of impaired ventilation
Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements
Risk for infection
In grammatically correct sentences and topic paragraphs and using current, reliable
evidence for practice
Explain the specific underlying cause/s (aetiology) or reason/s for each of the nursing
problems above.
Task 2: Care planning
In addition to the nursing problems above, you also recognise that Neville requires fundamental nursing care today and your role and responsibility as the nurse caring for Neville today is to keep him:
Clean and dressed
Warm and comfortable
Based solely on the handover you have received select five (5) fundamentals of care from the list above and develop a plan of care for each one identifying:
The related nursing problem
The underlying cause or reason (ie, what the problem is related to)
Goal of care
Specific bedside nursing interventions you will do
The rationales for your nursing interventions and actions
Indicators that your plan is working
Information is to be in dot point form on the nursing care plan template on the required Assessment 1 template.
(800 words, 30 marks)
Task 3: Medication management
Three important aspects of medication management by registered nurses is for the nurse to understand why a patient has been prescribed specific medications, the nursing responsibilities associate with administering each medication and how to monitor the patient to ensure they are responding to prescribed medications as they should.
In grammatically correct sentences and topic paragraphs and using current, reliable evidence for practice,
Briefly explain why Neville has been prescribed:
o Oral prednisone
o ipratropium bromide via nebuliser
o Oral amoxicillin
Identify and explain
o The specific nursing responsibilities associated with administering each medication and monitoring Neville for expected, side and adverse effects

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