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The smear showed pattern of non-atrophic non oestrogenic (NANO) hormonal status; which the predominant cell type is intermediate cells. There are some inflammatory cells (mainly neutrophils). The smear kept normal cells and some of the abnormal cells aggregated in a group scattered between them.

At low power

–    Superficial & intermediate squamous cells  distributed among the slide
–    There are some inflammatory cells mainly neutrophils.
–    There are some abnormal cells presented and aggregate in a group.

At high power

There is a group of cells aggregated together with abnormal features which is

–    Variation in size and shape
–    High N/C ratio
–    Irregular nuclear membrane.
–    Hyperchromatic , coarse uneven distributed chromatine
–    Some of them has halo around the nucleus.

This case study for women with 29 years old and accompanied with normal cervical appearance. The clinical history not stated in the clinical note. Based on the smear, it shows inflammatory background with a moderate number of neutrophil which might be related to acute infection.