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to measure central sensitization in GP It is the intention that you make an overview of all measuring instruments from the review. So for example we would take a number of measuring instruments, for example the nociceptive withdrawal reflex, the CSI, a number of different QSTs, the CSI. And then just go and collect everything in a word document. What can you find about articles in the review about this instrument. What else can you find on pubmed. Then summarize and describe these articles. information below must be described in the summary. if further information needs to be looked up pubmed can be used to search for articles. characteristics of measuring instruments: Sensitivity and specificity In which population tested? How exactly is the test performed What instruments are needed and what does that cost How much time does the test cost Who can perform the test: GP, poh-ggz, practice assistant, physiotherapist? Any other characteristics?The articles to use are described in the word document


Assignment details Module Learning Outcomes 1. Develop an understanding of some common mental health issues and influencing policy and guidance. 2. Analyse the factors that may influence a compassionate and empathic response to distressed and confused individuals. 3. Demonstrate confidence and skills which enable the facilitation of caring conversations with those experiencing emotional distress 4. Evaluate own professional development and strategies contributing to emotional resilience. This module will be assessed via a 4000 word written assignment

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