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Write an essay on the following:
Do you think it was morally permissible for Deb to obtain an abortion?
In writing this essay, be sure to define key terms; clearly state your thesis; consider (in detail) the most compelling argument(s) for the opposing thesis; explain precisely why that opposing argument(s) fails; develop and explain a clear argument for your thesis; consider powerful objections to your argument(s); respond thoughtfully to those objections.
Essays should be clearly referenced (any widely accepted system of referencing is fine), and should draw at least in part on some of the arguments presented in some of the course readings.
It may be helpful to assume that you are writing for an intelligent, open-minded audience, and you are trying to argue why your view of the matter is correct or most rationally justified. Indeed, it might help to assume that your audience is slightly leaning to the opposing side, and so you will need to work hard to explain why the opposing arguments fail and why your side has the better reasons behind it.

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