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The position I will support is providing more programs for drug addicted user in baltimore and to seek to decriminalize the drugs that the people are on. The problem with baltimore as a whole is that there is not enough being done to help the drug addicted people in the city. There is a overpopulation of hard drug users that are addicted to meth crack and the most popular heroine. These addicts commit most of the the crime because they will do anything just to catch their next high. This includes robbing the average person which can turn deadly. Many families have been broken down because of the drug addiction. In baltimore you will find many kids that only have one parent because the other is more than likely to be strung out on drugs. Many of the prison population is populated with non violent drug offenders. I believe that this is a waste of resources. Or tax dollars should be going towards crime not people that like to get high. This is the reason I think there should be a push to decriminalize these drugs for users. Ethics in this situation would be a big part of not leaving these people out to dry and helping them. Ethically you should do more to help. Ethics care can come into play here because a person on drugs can think of nothing more than getting high and there is always going to be someone willing to help them with that, because physically they are in pain. ethics of “selfishness can also be used because some people do not seek to get help with their addiction no matter if they are hurting their family or not. An objection from an opposing view would that these people don’t need to be helped they want to be on drugs. Why should our tax dollars go toward someone who is on drugs when they are the reason for their own demise. I would despond by saying these are people too not everyone is choosing to be addicted to drugs. We should use our tax money to help these people because in turn we would be helping clean up the city and help stop crime in the city. Decriminalization would but a lot of parents back in the home where they should be to help take care of their children. There will come a time where you need help so it’s good to be decent where we can all help each other.

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