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Communication of information is an essential part of the biomedical industry. Doctors, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals must regularly convey complex scientific concepts in an easy-to-read format to a variety of audiences. Your task is to produce a 500-word brochure that explains the scientific basis of a disease of your choice, aimed at recently-diagnosed sufferers. There are hundreds of diseases to choose from, and try to think of something unusual. It must, however, fall under one of the following categories:
• Cardiovascular diseases • Autoimmune diseases • Metabolic or inherited diseases • Cancer Your task is to explain the molecular causes and disease processes plus any current treatments and their mechanism of action. Do not waste space talking about symptoms or prognosis. Instead you must talk about the cellular and biomolecular aspects of the disease only. Your intention is to be a) clear, b) concise and c) accurate while also presenting the information in an educational manner. Think of innovative and clever ways of presenting your work, such as a folded double-sided brochure or a fact-sheet