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1. Describe multiple myeloma associated amyloidosis ? 2. What symptoms and clinical diagnosis multiple myeloma associated amyloidosis ? 3. Current treatment multiple myeloma associated amyloidosis ? 4. Histology stain (Congo red ) what is used it for what is advantage and disadvantage 5. the methods section for your assignment may include the types of tests used for the diagnosis for this disease, ie biopsy / blood tests. Describe the different types of stains that can be used in addition to Congo red. There is a specific immunohistochemical stain used to help with accurate diagnosis. Explain how these stains react with the tissue. What types of biopsies are taken when Congo red is used? Give a description of the different stains. Discussion component should investigate a couple of recent publications about the disease. Have there been any major breakthroughs in regard to treatment or future directions? What is the prognosis for patients? please write owner words because should submit though turn in it


You should outline what you are going to discuss in the assignment.
Briefly review the importance of mentorship in clinical practice and and education in learning. It is expected that this would be supported by the literature. How a mentor supports a year2 underachievement student that come to an orthopaedics and hand surgery department?
Discussion will be support by EBP- exploreExplore the literature related to under achieving students and the consequences of failing to fail the student.
Identify the common behaviours of underachieving students
Explore the literature related to the role of mentor in clinical practice and the unique relationship with their mentee.
Discuss the range of learning styles (the author to decide, eg: visual) and the ways in which learning styles can be identified (eg: video). Ascertain why learning styles are key(important) to learning, teaching and assessment.
Specify your mentees learning style and apply to your discussion and analysis.
Determine how knowledge and application of learning theories in your role as mentor can enhance student learning. Demonstrate how you would apply theory to mentorship