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Extended Essay guidelines Describe the fundamental mechanisms (“Hallmarks”) which underpin the development of metastatic cancer. Using TWO Hallmarks as detailed examples, discuss how specific cancer treatments have been designed to exploit key molecular defects 1. Please choose an informative title which best reflects your individual essay content. 2. Start by introducing the Hallmarks of Cancer, and briefly describe how each Hallmark contributes to cancer development. 3. Choose 2 Hallmarks which interest you most – talk about these in more detail, illustrating your text with examples of recent studies i.e. original papers, not review articles. Several of your Journal Club papers will be relevant, or are good examples of the sort of papers you should be using. 4. Describe, giving at least 2 different examples, how specific chemotherapy drugs act to target the Hallmarks you have chosen. You can either use different drugs used to treat the same cancer type e.g. breast cancer, bowel cancer, etc, or describe classes of drugs e.g platinum drugs, taxanes, used to treat multiple different cancer types. 5. Think about how mechanisms of resistance to your drugs of choices relate to the Cancer Hallmarks. 5. Illustrate you text with clear, relevant diagrams – remember, a picture is worth a 1000 words, although please do not take this literally! 6. 3000 words maximum. Vancouver format is acceptable for referencing, as long as it is used correctly and consistently throughout your text.