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Remember to focus on a health problem rather than a risk factor EG: obesity rather than lack of exercise or poor diet.  There should be reasonable recent data to support the health issue in the target population that you have chosen.  It can be anywhere in the world.
The different sections of your report should include:
1.    Introduction: The health issue that you have chosen and target population (eg: mental health issues in indigenous youth in Cairns, Australia) and the sections you will cover in this paper.
2.    Overview of health issue in this target population:  review current stats about the health issue, the health issue in your target population, and the demographics of your population (eg: mental health as a problem globally, in Australia, in youth, in aboriginal youth, the size of the aboriginal youth population in Cairns, the risk factors for this health issue, etc.)
3.    Review other needs assessments that have been carried out in this target population (likely to be in other locations). Find at least two other needs assessment documents online (will not likely be a published journal article but more like a report).  Try to find report which include samples of the needs assessment tools used. Discuss:
a.    the tools and methods they used to gather needs assessment data, and who they talked to in the community (eg: target population, related family members, professionals, etc),
b.    some of the key findings of these needs assessments (both qualitative and quantitative data) and how this information could inform the content of health promotion programs which would be developed in response to this health issue in this particular population (both in terms of strategies and topical content)
4.    Develop a needs assessment plan for your target population on your specific health issue.
a.    Discuss the various needs assessment tools that you will use to gather information on you target population and health issue.
b.    Specify who exactly you will speak to, the types of tools you will use, the sample number you need for each.
c.    Provide an summary for each tool of what kinds of questions you will ask or information that you want to gather
d.    Create a simple table to capture this, in addition to writing up the information in paragraphs.
5.    Draft and test one needs assessment tool (either a short 10 question quantitative survey or 6 question individual interview guide)
a.    Specify who you are gathering information on
b.    Specify what it is that you are trying to find out exactly
c.    Draft the questions
d.    Test the questions on a colleague or friend to see how they work (the person will have to role play!)
e.    Make revisions to the questionnaire
f.    Attach the original and revised survey or questionnaire to your Assignment (that is, the one that you first drafted, and the improved one after testing)
6.    Draft a brief inventory of key services and other relevant infrastructure in your geographic target population that could be relevant to needs assessment and health promotion program planning (remember to think outside of the box!).  Do this in a table form. Use the internet to gather this information.
7.    References (10 from other local data and relevant literature outside of class readings), to be used mainly in the background to the problem and the two other needs assessments that you identify.  You do not need to reference the information that you gather for your inventory of key services.

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