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THE EXPERT SHOULD HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF FACIAL ELECTROMYOGRAPHY (PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY) The purpose of this assessment is to allow you to demonstrate your ability to think and argue critically, in writing, about methods in psychological research. The assessment should be of 3000 words; a word count should be given. • Your evaluation must primarily concern methodological issues arising from the research described in the paper. You may wish to consider how the research might have been improved, or you may wish to describe the implications of the work for past or future research. In any case, it should show a clear engagement with, and understanding of, the methods employed in the research paper. • You should include a summary of the aims, methods, and conclusions of the paper, as relevant. Be brief but informative. • Your approach may be positive or negative, but we expect you to have a well-argued opinion. • Your thinking should demonstrate a clearly more sophisticated grasp of, and reasoning about, the issues than would be found in undergraduate work. The main criterion is that in the assessment you should show a graduate level grasp of research methodology as it applies within the particular Research Module chosen. • The next most important factor in marking will be the clarity of your writing. • You should use subheadings to divide your critique into sections covering different aspects of your critique. • An assessment which is merely a summary of the paper selected is likely to earn very poor marks. things that will be marked: 1.Understanding of method(s) 2.Critical evaluation of method(s) 3.Implications of the critique 4.Structure of the evaluation 5.Clarity of writing