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Personal Practice Improvement Episode (PPIE) This assessment task requires you to write up an episode of care which includes evidence of professional accountability relevant to practice and capability development, demonstrating practice development through critical reflection. Your episode should include all elements of the clinical reasoning cycle i.e (consider patient, collect cues, process information, identify problem/issue, establish goal take action evaluate outcome and reflect on practice )and demonstrate how you apply it to practice. Your paper should be well integrated with up-to-date scholarly literature to substantiate discussions on best practice. Your paper should also be well referenced, using Harvard style. Please see the assessment criteria Assessment Criteria Demonstrate the ability to critically analyse and reflect on an episode of practice resulting in professional insight and practice improvement. Communicates evidence-based knowledge through the ability to support, explain and justify the content of the Personal Practice. Improvement Episode. Integration and application of the clinical reasoning cycle into the Personal Practice Improvement Episode. Writing skills enhance communication of knowledge and understanding of the professional requirements of the RN. Word limit: 1500 due date: 16/08/2017 plz also see attached sample of assignment

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