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Scenario 1

Mary, a dental assistant, has arrived at work. As she is opening up her surgery to get ready for the day she notices some spots of mercury around the amalgamator mixer. The mercury must have been released from faulty amalgam capsules.

Use the Safety data sheet to help you answer the following questions. You can open the document by double clicking on the pdf icon.
1.    Use the below table to assess the hazard.

a)    How severely could it hurt someone or how ill could it make someone?
b)    How likely is it to occur?
c)    Your single digit rating is?
d)    What will you do to address the hazard? (Refer to SDS for clean-up/disposal and first aid.)

2.    Report and record the hazard in the following Workplace Hazard Incident/Accident record.
Scenario 2
Dr Barnett has left the anaesthetic syringe on the bracket table. Debbie the dental assistant collects the dirty instruments and makes contact with the exposed needle causing a needlestick injury. Complete the following information.

1.    What should Debbie do immediately?
2.    Who should Debbie contact?
3.    Complete the Injury record.

4.    Attachment 1: Meeting minutes are from a ‘simulated workplace’.
Make a note of two (2) issues discussed at the meeting.
5.    In which section of the meeting would you raise the hazard/incidents that you have recorded?

6.    Identify the following signs and state where you might find them located within the workplace.

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