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ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION This task involves you performing a complete walk through audits of one of the following SNET laboratories 1) Polymer lab 2) Organic Chemical lab 3) Lab 120 4) Plant pathology lab 5) Laser lab 6) Food Science Pilot Plant or other laboratory that you have access to, please email me prior to using this option. Please email me with the choice of your lab prior to starting the assignment. In your walk through audit you will need to include the following: 1) A map/floor plan of the laboratory indicating the presence of all different parts of the lab including benches, fume cupboards, chemical storage, gas cylinders, doors etc. You need to indicate where as complete a layout as possible of all part of the lab. (Hint: look at the floor plan provided in SNET in the first instance and does not have to be to scale just in proportion). 2) Document as many of the hazards and controls that you can find in the laboratory, not just those presented in SNET but all those that you can find in the laboratory. For each hazard that you find you need to assess the risks that you find in terms of both likelihood and consequence, determine control measures that need to be put in place. 3) Compare the requirements for laboratory construction in AS2982.1 with the physical layout as viewed in SNET You should pay particular attention to the detailed requirements in sections 2-7 of AS2892.1. 4) For the whole laboratory you need to determine the corrective actions that need to be put in place so that the laboratory conforms to the AS2243 Laboratory Safety requirements. For this you will need to access a synopsis of the laboratory safety standard, available in the course material together with the actual standards which are available through the library. 5) Draw up an action plan for corrective actions for the problems that you find in the laboratory. 6) Overall summation/conclusions that you reach about the laboratory Marking criteria your assignment will be marked on the basis of the: a) Detailed map of laboratory indicating all the requirements b) Summary tables of the hazards and controls that you find in the laboratory

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